By Professor Pierre Dellamonica, M.D. PhD., President of the Scientific Advisory Board

Doctors are always where you least expect them, and I have spent so much time in waiting rooms, ending up entering the doctor’s office having forgotten half of what I came for… Not to mention what I won’t even dare talking about.
I am a sports fanatic… I was, actually. Then, around my 40’s, life changed: responsibilities came up and I hid behind them to avoid jogging or hiking those peaks. I settled down and became a stressed, potbellied man. To top it all, I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and arterial hypertension! Would you believe that I even started to compellingly like cakes? Me, a pastry-hollic, what a shame! And don’t get me started on my sexual drives that turned into wanting plain chocolate or whipped cream…
My family started to come down on me, lecturing and recalling who I was before. How about that for useless acts and pushing me towards binge-eating.

What actually makes me feel worthless is the wait at the doctor’s office. I am sure he only pretends to listen to me anyways, and just writes a quick prescription, when I do feel good and my problem is not what he thinks.
It’s just that I became ugly.

Luckily enough, three people in my family can actually think. They suggested I turned to questionnaires that will help me precisely describe what is going on with me. I am so convinced that my doctor just doesn’t listen and evidently can’t understand my problems.
Am I depressed because I stopped practicing sports? How my sweet tooth does really appear? How is my libido doing??? Obviously, I am not as attractive as I used to be.

Why am I not observant??
I heard that the Alcoholics Anonymous Association was doing wonders… And why not creating the Fat & Diabetics Hiking Club?? Because if understood correctly, I just need to lose weight to improve my diabetes and reduce my risk of having a heart attack.