By Ursula Muehle, EIT Health Education Director

One of the main strategic objectives of EIT Health CAMPUS is to reinvent education and the way we approach education in order to reach out to wider audiences.

Learning and engaging Festival approaches such as ProtectUrHeart are a unique way to develop interactive ways to involve our citizens.

Screening their health data around a big marathon event is a great opportunity. It enables us to engage with many learners and reach those who are not concerned with this disease yet.

ProtectUrHeart and their partners educate them on cardio-vascular disease management and show what they can do to manage their own health.

We involve the participants in a unique learning experience, which is enjoyable and exciting, and in which learning is surprising, implicit and interactive.
I look very much forward to see this novel approach coming true and to make a big step in reinventing education towards the future needs of our citizens.