The cardio-vascular conditions
17.5 million deaths per year.

If you want to protect your heart,
you need to take control of your health.

That’s why we launched
the ProtectUrHeart project.
With Alliance du coeur, we invite you to read
and share brochures created for you.

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My daily life with a cardio-vascular condition

This brochure has been made up by patients suffering from heart conditions and their loved ones. Members of affiliated associations to l’Alliance du Coeur (Union Nationale des Associations de Malades cardio-vasculaires et Opérés du Coeur), we are all concerned directly or indirectly : cardiac failures, heart transplants, people who had heart attacks and/or heart surgery, parents of children suffering from heart congenital conditions …we all have different situations nevertheless our concern is the same. We all have learnt through time how to live the best way possible with our condition. Naturally we know it is not always easy but we did try to learn a lesson from the hard times we have been through. We made up this brochure to share our experience, guide you and help you manage your life on a daily basis with a cardio-vascular condition.



My emotional and social life with a cardio-vascular condition

A cardio-vascular condition is a visible handicap that has considerable consequences on our social and personal life. Our cardio-vascular condition forces us to renounce to many things in our social life. It can also complicate our relationships and we can also find ourselves faced with discriminatory behaviors. Nevertheless, we keep our dignity and as we do not want to inspire any kind of mercy. We only ask public authorities to recognize the cardiac handicap as a specific handicap allowing us to equal rights and live an easier life. This brochure has been elaborated thanks to patients sharing their life experience with a cardio-vascular condition. We hope it will help you managing your professional, social and personal life.


Diagnosing and tracking of my cardio-vascular condition

We often feel lost, sometimes anxious about the medical tests prescribed by our doctors. We do not know exactly what they evaluate, nor how they do it or even how the tests go. We are afraid of the diagnosis, we are afraid of bad news. Yet these tests are necessary to diagnose medical anomaly and avoid any further complication. This brochure aims to explain the objectives of these useful tests to diagnose and track the cardio-vascular conditions, as the fear diminishes when we are better and fully informed. We hope to reassure you thus allowing you to take a step back and live more serenely the medical path you will follow. Do not hesitate to ask for further explanations to your doctor. You will probably not have to undergo all the tests listed in the brochure. Some tests are mandatory and belong to the initial evaluation. Some others depend on your kind of pathology and are rarely performed. It really depends on your pathology.



Be more active with my cardio-vascular condition

For healthy people, physical activity is key to prevent any cardio-vascular condition. The French National Nutrition and Health Programme, established by the Ministry of Health recommends a physical activity equivalent to a 30-minute walk per day. But in France more than one person out of three does not have any physical activity thus it raises up the risk of being affected by a cardio-vascular condition. It should also be noted that physical activity is equally necessary for persons already affected by a cardio-vascular condition! Say no to potato couches! We cardio-vascular patients, need to find solutions to change our lifestyle, be more active on a daily basis and even be happy about it!


At table! … With my cardio-vascular disease

Diet plays a vital role in preventing cardio-vascular diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that even 30% of cardio-vascular diseases could be prevented if we all adopt a healthy and balanced diet. When we have a cardio-vascular problem, we must do even more attention to what we eat. But it is not easy to choose foods that suit us best, especially if we are uninformed: indeed complicated to sort the messages, sometimes contradictory, which feed us newspapers and advertising. So can we reconcile dietary and pleasure? How to maintain a quality of life and give our bodies the means to stay as long as possible, in good health? We know the age-old regime “green-beans cod” is not the only solution. Our taste buds need to be pampered! We designed this brochure to take stock of the now indisputable data on nutrition, but above all, to help you discover
a new way to feed you, based on your cardio-vascular problem without too much frustration and in a good mood! As cardio-vascular patients, we were able to change some of our eating behaviors. Yet we still struggle sometimes to correct bad habits, but we are aware. We hope that our experience and testimonials will help you find your own keys to good nutrition every day.



Master my cardio-vascular condition medical treatment

Cardio-vascular conditions often entail lifetime medical treatments and a strict life hygiene. It is not difficult, you only need to learn how to live with that requirement, accept the treatment, make it a part of your daily life. You need to go beyond fear, angst and control the side effects. Finally, you also need to retrieve information from your doctor or pharmacist. Organization and motivation are key words for an efficient treatment against the cardio-vascular condition. You need to be well organized to make sure you take your treatment and stick to it for the rest of your life. Naturally everyone goes through a phase of doubt. The objective of this brochure is to share the experience of persons affected by cardio-vascular conditions and to provide simple and practical recommendations to live a better life day after day.