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For the first time ever, a scientific research gathers hundreds of persons like us to find out deep in our hearts and behaviors what could save millions of lives.
Organized in partnership with the City of Nice, ProtectUrHeart Nice 2016 will be present at the Marathon on November 10 > 12 at the Running Expo Village & Massena Square


Please lend us your heart

A few tests, a few minutes of your precious time will offer you several more years to live and not just you but others too

Because you deserve the best

You will be one of the firsts to take advantage of the newest technological improvements to evaluate concisely the health of your heart.
You will leave with personalized medical advice and tons of information offered by our partner, l’Alliance du Cœur : ProtectUrHeart !



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Join us Place Masséna and spend 15 minutes with our teams, just to take care of yourself!



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Your results will help us design new solutions

Driven by Professor Pierre Dellamonica, M.D. PhD., Chairman of the EvalRisk company, all questionnaires and evaluation tools come from the best universities, plus they are scientifically proofed and validated.

Heart : based on the SCORE test provided by the European Society of Cardiology and developed by the Start-Up BePatient

Life quality : drafted and optimized by EvalRisk based on the SF36 questionnaire from the Ware et Sherbourne University

Sleep : drafted and optimized by EvalRisk based on the PSQI questionnaire from the Pittsburgh University

Stress : drafted and optimized by the Psychology Centre Azur EMRD based on the MacGill University (Québec, CA) questionnaire IES-R

Based on 10 years of observation of behaviors in many different fields (healthcare, Consumer healthcare, cosmetics, industry, innovation…), Adkimist teamed up with the best universities in the world.

This is how the Adkimist Behavioral Research Center was born and this is how we can innovate to offer new behavioral strategies based on centric approaches concerning individuals and the analysis of their needs.

ProtectUrHeart, a five-step adventure:

– An unprecedented research to evaluatethe health of your heart, and the behaviors of hundreds of men and women.

– The personalized care of each participant: evaluations, advice, coaching, connected objects…

– The efficiency evaluation: which behaviors for which results, which technologies for which performances?

– Sharing with the science industry and the public: publications, education programmes, awareness campaigns…

– Innovation and added-value creation: new solutions accessible to anyone, to protect your heart and live a better life.

With our team of specialists driven by Pierre, our medical and scientific director, we started a partnership with the teaching hospital of Nice and the CRMBS.

–          Heart: Rodrigue

–          Sport Medicine: Anne-Sophie

–          Comportmental science experts and psychologists: André, Pierre, Florent, Pierre, Margaux…