#ProtectUrHeart : your heart IS a hero

Heart power !

The cardio-vascular conditions represent 17.5 million deaths per year.
If you want to protect your heart, you need to take control of your health. That’s why we launched the ProtectUrHeart project.

ProtectUrHeart, a life-time commitment

We are scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, patients…We all think that everyone of us should have the opportunity to protect their heart using simple, accessible, innovative tools to evaluate their health, make the right decisions, and stick to them every day, all their life.

Innovative Global Collaborative Anonymous Individual


Once upon a time

Inspire research and education

For many years, we have faced diagnosing, prevention and management issues related to cardiometabolic conditions, that’s why we decided to join our forces in a unique project aiming to use new technologies and big data to innovate in medical care and develop a medicine from and for citizens. This pilot research launched in Nice is only the beginning of a long-term adventure that will reach out main European capitals in 2017 with the support of EIT Health.

Eva Piccon, CEO @adkimist & David Dellamonica Global Integrated Care Diabetes & Cardiovascular @Sanofi

Founding partners, project directors


The solution lies in science and innovation

With the ProtectUrHeart project, we are launching an unseen research on a major scale.
Objective: develop more powerful and concise solutions to diagnose and prevent heart conditions.
We can make it happen with your help!

3 key steps to improve your health

Step 1    Evaluate


Life Quality

Use innovative technologies and some of your precious time to evaluate the health of your heart

Because everything you do can be felt by your heart, day after day



Sleeping also keeps your heart in a good shape

Probably the worst enemies of your heart



Communicate with our dedicated medical team about the different questionnaires

Your experience and your participation to the research

Step 2    Manage

Thanks to the new technologies based on your needs, our dedicated medical team will provide you with unique personalized advice that will allow you to live a better life… Plus you can also share your experience with others!

Step 3    Measure

Because each evaluation is unique, you can make a difference: the test data – anonymous and safe – will help science move forward, develop education and awareness, inspire innovation.

You are the source of brand new solutions.